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A number of people may feel they have never come across an automobile Transponder Key before, when it’s a well-known fact that a good majority of the cars that were built after 1996 contained transponder chips.

The word transponder is a simply a combination of two words, Transmitter and res-ponder. An automobile transponder key is one which has been implanted with a small radio frequency wireless chip. Since Radio Frequency (RF) waves can penetrate many materials, the transponder chip is usually encased and hidden in the plastic or rubber head of the car key. When the driver approaches the vehicle, the electronic chip transmits a wireless signal with a uniquely encrypted identification number to another on-board chip within the vehicle. In order to disarm the immobilizer of vehicle, the on board computer or brain box must recognize the key signal.

Whenever you have car lock issues and you do not have a well-informed automotive locksmith company like Transponder Keys Services, West Hollywood to provide you with the most economical, low priced and budget friendly locksmith service, it would be almost impossible to buy a new lock from a cheap, low priced car manufacturing company, or have your transponder replacement key made at the standard price in a highly competitive industry.

Our professional locksmiths from Transponder Car Key Services, Locksmith West Hollywood will come to you with all the equipment they need, open your car and extract the relevant data from the electronic control unit of your car. After which our technicians will then cut you a new key and use the extracted data to program the transponder chip inside your new key to match your car. All these cost next to nothing for our highly proficient transponder locksmith technicians to do.

Transponder Key Services, West Hollywood has the solution to all your transponder key issues. Our experienced transponder key technicians are conversant with all car models that have been installed with a transponder key system. For the right bargain with any of our technicians, you can get the most qualitative low tariff transponder services that are not only easy on the pocket, but also low cost and can be bought for a song.

All our car key technicians at Transponder key Service, Locksmith West Hollywood have the right tools to program and replace your transponder keys so you do not have to spend additional costs on dealerships companies who may end up providing you with depreciated services or offer to replace your transponder chips with obsolete ones that have already been marked down for disposal. We at Transponder Key Service, West Hollywood will be more than happy to locate you wherever you may be and provide you with a new transponder key right there on the spot.

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Transponder Car Keys Services West Hollywood